Shredder – Model TF

Shredder for roadway


The Shredder model TF is applied to the three-point lifting of wheeled and tracked tractors and is operated by the power take-off with cardan transmission.

The machine is used for the elimination of weeds, branches and small branches, offering the operator the opportunity to choose the traditional or oversized shearing method compared to the tractor.

The shredding out of shape allows to reach particularly hostile areas keeping the tractor in a safe position. The shredder is able to perform a lateral movement of 170 cm. from the machine centre and reach an inclination of 60 ° downwards and 90 ° upwards.

The machine is particularly robust and being conceived with the same structure as the heavier and reinforced shredders produced by RCM, the wear of its components is extremely limited.

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Technical specifications

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Model Working Width Machine Width Length HP Min-Max tractor PTO turns Hammers Knives Weight
TF1 115 cm 220 cm 170 cm 45-60 540 12 24 410 kg
TF2 130 cm 235 cm 170 cm 50-70 540 12 24 440 kg
TF3 145 cm 250 cm 170 cm 60-75 540 15 24 470 kg
TF4 160 cm 265 cm 170 cm 70-85 540 15 30 500 kg