The Company

RCM Ltd. has been producing agricultural machineries and equipments since over thirty years. The company finds its origin in the enterprising spirit of his charter member – Mario Roffredo – and his son – Claudio Roffredo who is today owner of the company.

In 1960 Mario Roffredo starts to work in the mechanical field few years later he opens his own agricultural equipment repairing workshop.

In 1973 he projects and builds his first model of tilling machine which ensures a great success to the company together with the launch on the market of the new stalk cutter. The constant production rose continuously with a wide range of industrial and agriculture equipments.
Claudio Roffredo – after his technical graduation – highly contributed to the society development by dealing with machine tools and later on with mechanical processes, succeeding in the programming with numerical control machines
His fundamental collaboration consolidated the basis of the society management and improved the technical know-how according to the company is commitment to total quality.

In the recent years Claudio Roffredo has also been operating in the wine industry and improved several agricultural machineries with specific planning improvements. In 1997 he could project new and more advanced equipments by using the CAD/CAM system.


Founded in the year 2002, today RCM Ltd. is proud of the success achieved by its equipments throughout the years, thanks to the constant commitment of its associates developing important projects for the new machineries, such as the row cultivator, the shredder for excavator and the very new patented hydraulic strimmer as well as the hydraulic strimmer for excavator, spearhead of our equipments.


Vine and fruit tree shoot tipping machine – Fast pruning machine for vineyards – Inter-row shredder for vines and fruit trees – Shredder for excavator – Vineyards unwinder – Wood cutter for excavator – Excavator Auger – Shredder for excavator – Rotovator for excavator – Hedge trimmer for excavator– Pruner for excavator.


Bio stimulants with mycorrhizal fungi (mycorrhizae) for plants. They increase stress tolerance, prevent radical diseases, optimize the use of fertilizers, increase antioxidants in the products of the agri-food chain, reclaim the soils, indicated in the “tiredness” of the soil.