Polifunctional double carrying frame model TDP


This carring frame is very sturdy and compact, suitable for carrying out various types of work even in conditions of terrains that are not entirely flat.
This type of frame allows to operate with different types of tools, both right and left, which can be fitted on the frame independently. This allow to make two types of distinct works on each side.
The most important feature of this carrying frame is the ability to control both sides with a specific electric control box which guarantees a perfect control over both machines.
The hydraulic system is characterized by three independent pumps, thus is possible to control independently: the right machine, the left machine and the activities of the frame.
To ensure that machines work in the best of condition, the wheels of the frame can be raised up to 15 centimetres per side by two independently controlled pistons. This guarantee an optimal work in sloping conditions and on different types of terrain.

Technical specifications

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Model Width opened machine Width closed machine Maximum height of the machine Minimum height of the machine Lenght of the machine Oil flow pump machine 1 Oil flow pump machine 2 Oil flow service pump Hydraulic circuit pressure Quantity of oil in the tank Weight
TDP1 225 cm 145 cm 135 cm 120 cm 90 cm 47 l/min. 47 l/min. 14 l/min. 180 bar 110 lit. 598 Kg