Brushcutter for vineyards – Model SH


The Brush cutter for vineyard is designed for multiple uses in the vineyard to solve more quickly and precisely machining in inter-row areas, for cutting the grass and to remove the side-shoots. The methodology of construction of this machine determines the wide versatility of use. In fact, it is possible to interchange the work rolls, adjust inclination and possibly use a displacement in correspondence of the plants by means of a feeler.

It can be used both as a traditional tipping machine or brushcutter as a last generation (to strim with long wires to make work with the portion of the wires adjacent to the roller).

To perform the different types of works it is necessary to replace the rollers by using both the basic thread that the thread collected. T

The machine works with hydraulic oil from the tractor or from a stand-alone unit (see Hydraulic Unit mod. CI).

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Technical specifications

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Model Width Length Height Weight
SH1 100 cm 70 cm 50 cm 95 cm