Brush Mower – Model ST


It is a usable machine was directly applied to the tractor via a dedicated frame or connected to any type of shredder. It eliminates weeds that grow close to curbs, walls, pavements etc.

The crop is cut by 24 nylon threads (can be increased up to 48) fixed to a cutting head which is actuated by a hydraulic motor.

The machine moves horizontally and at the time when the special plastic rollers touching an obstacle, falls immediately.

The operator can control the sensitivity of the movement acting on a piston which adjusts the tension of a spring.

The cutting head works in contact with the ground and its vertical oscillation is assisted by an articulated parallelogram, regulated by a shock absorbing spring which allows to work in areas with uneven terrain. The machine can be mounted on frames made from RCM LTD that allow you to connect directly to the brush mower tractor, whether in the front or back.

Choosing the frame hydraulic configuration, you can also get the inclination of the machine to deal with all types of terrain slope.

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Technical specifications

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Model Width Length Height Working Diameter Oil flow (liters / min) Weight
ST1 95 cm 110 cm 40 cm 70 cm da 28 a 40 81 kg