Model SSI

To wind and unwind wires in rows


It is a very versatile professional machine that can be applied to the third point of each tractor. In the SSI1 and SSI2 versions it allows to wind the old wires to be removed in the vineyard but it can also be used as a unwinding wire and to unroll new wires in the vineyard by removing the traction of the hydraulic motor.
The SSI3 model which is combined with yarn winding unwinding and yarn unwinding wire, allows you to wind or unwind the yarn without making any kind of change.
The machine is equipped with a flow divider that regulates the winding rotation of the wire when the hydraulic motor is engaged. Two hydraulic hoses connected to the tractor’s hydraulic outlets allow it to function.

SSI1= winding-unwinding wire version
SSI2= winding-unwinding wire + winding-unwinding wire version
SSI3= winding-unwinding wire + unwinding wire version

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Technical specifications

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Model Width Lenght Height Rolls Weight
SSI1 114 cm 160 cm 137 cm 1 151 kg
SSI2 114 cm 160 cm 150 cm 2 177 kg
SSI2 114 cm 160 cm 150 cm 2 203 kg