TR/SA Model

It is used in vineyards and orchards to quickly free the area between the plants from weeds, eliminating the need for chemical weed killer.


The machine is ideal for eliminating old vine shoots and small branches after pruning in autumn. It is particularly robust and very compact, being assembled from meticulously chosen materials. It is no mere coincidence that wear and tear on the machine’s components is extremely limited. Its particular structure enables impeccable use even in particularly adverse conditions.

Our machines have been expressly designed to serve both less demanding and more professional farmers.

The “mobile” models are capable of eliminating weeds which grow right next to the base of the plant, being equipped with a runner system comprising chrome-plated bars and self-lubricating bearings, enabling much stronger and lasting lateral movement of about 30 cm.

Another distinguishing feature is that all our machines are fitted as standard with a free wheel inside the gearbox and they can be supplied with a shearing shaft equipped with hammers or knives, depending on the customer’s needs.


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