TF Model

The machine is used to eliminate weeds, vineshoots anda small banches, offering the operator the chance to choose betweentraditional shredding or shredding beyond the standard area with respect to thetractor.


This second technique makes it possible toreach particularly hostile areas while keeping the tractor in a safe position.

The shredder in able to move sideways by 170 cmfrom the centre of the machine and reach an inclination of 60° downwards and90° upwards.

Our machine is particularly robust; conceivedwith the same structure as our heavier and reinforced shredders. It is no merecoincidence that wear and tear on the machine’s components is extremelylimited.


  • QUICK HITCH JOINT: This helps absorb shocks to the machine in the event of collision or uneven terrain
  • ROTATION JOINT: This is used to achieve the inclinationof 60° downwards and 90° upwards


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