CMV Model

Allows you to work at high speed with high precision to obtain pruning fast and without residue. It is applicable to any type of tractor in the front position and thanks to a support stand supplied, the operation of coupling and uncoupling the tractor is simple and fast.

The cutting apparatus is formed by innovative three-pointed star, to which are applied the knives pivoting. This system guarantees a high cutting speed and at the same time the suction of the leaves towards the knives, thanks to the particular shape of stars. This suction system also facilitates the cutting of shoots very light that otherwise would not be cut.

The high speed of rotation of each single star cutting, is guaranteed by a hydraulic motor independent. This design choice makes each star has its own hydraulic motor cut so as to avoid complications in
the maintenance of the machine.

The machine can be connected to a hydraulic or electro-hydraulic joystick or can be connected to the control unit CC1 made by RCM s.r.l..


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