Inter-row rotary tiller – model ZR

Impeccable use even in the worst working conditions.


The machine, like most of the inter-row machines produced by the company, is very versatile and can be used on different types of carryng frame or in other special conditions.
Its working versatility is characterized by its compactness and the possibility of controlling the working height by a piston that acts on a parallelogram.
The work is carried out by a platter on which are applied four very sturdy “roter” type hoes, that allow to work even on difficult terrain.
The automatism, which allows the machine to work in the inter-row, is characterized by a parallelogram system that acts on a micro-switch. The sensor, acting on the piston, automatically adjusts the position of the machine away from the inter-row in case of contact with the plants trunk.
The particular electro-hydraulic system, tested for years by RCM, allows the operator to work with great precision in different conditions and at different speeds.

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Technical specifications

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Model Width machine (cm) Lenght machine (cm) Heigt machine (cm) Working height (cm) Height excursion (cm) Hoes (n°) Working diametre (cm) Weight (Kg)
ZR1sx 100 100 82 20 15 4 35 155
ZR1sx 100 100 82 20 15 4 35 155