Rotary Tiller – Model ZPSA


The “Heavy” Tiller ZP and ZPSA have all the fundamental requirements for the maximum concept of strength, thanks to the careful qualitative selection of each component and its design.

The machine guarantees surprising results, even in the presence of thick grass: the rotating speed of the tilling shaft and the grass discharging system, enables the tool to work without the risk of obstructions.

The hydraulic lateral movement of this Tiller mod. ZP/SA, guarantees the elimination of the infesting grasses that grow close to the stump, allowing the operator to keep the tractor at a suitable distance from poles and vines.

The wide lateral movement is ensured by chromium-plated bars with self-lubricating sliding brasses, while in the “fixed” ZP models it is possible to obtain a lateral movement of about 10 centimetres with a system of sliding bushes positioned beside to the tractor’s connecting arms.

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Technical specifications

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Model Working Width Machine Width Machine Lenght HP Min-Max tractor Hoes PTO turns Weight
ZP2SA 110 cm 123 cm 90 cm 40-50 24 540 320 kg
ZP3SA 120-130 cm 133-143 cm 90 cm 40-60 30 540 335 kg
ZP4SA 155 cm 133-143 cm 90 cm 50-65 36 540 350 kg
ZP5SA 170 cm 183 cm 90 cm 65-80 36 540 400 kg
ZP6SA 205 cm 218 cm 90 cm 75-85 48 540 500 kg
ZP7SA 230 cm 243 cm 90 cm 85-110 54 540 600 kg

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