Rotary Tiller – Model ZLFESA


ZLFE and ZLFESA models have been designed to perfectly suit do-it-yourself clients being lightweight, compact, robust and value for price.

Particularly well suited for limited drive tractors and can be used in vineyards, orchards and olive groves, thus enhancing their versatility of use.

Our Tillers, both in the “fixed” (model ZLFE) and the “hydraulic” versions (model ZLFESA), inherit the working system of the most professional machines.

In the fixed models (ZLFE) it is possible to obtain a lateral movement of about 10 centimetres with a system of sliding bushes placed besides to the tractor’s connecting arms.
The mechanism is guaranteed by a tilling shaft with flanges of four hoes each.
In the ZLFESA models, the lateral movement takes place on double chromium-plated bars with sliding pipes and self-lubricating brasses.

Product documentation and catalog
Technical specifications

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Model Working Width  Machine Width Machine Lenght HP Min-Max tractor Hoe PTO turns Weight
ZL2FE/SA 100 cm 113 cm 85 cm 25-35 16 540 165 kg
ZL3FE/SA 120 cm 133 cm 85 cm 30-40 20 540 180 kg
ZL4FE/SA 140 cm 153 cm 85 cm 35-45 24 540 195 kg
ZLGFE/SA 155 cm 168 cm 85 cm 35-50 28 540 225 kg
ZL5FE/SA 170 cm 183 cm 85 cm 40-50 28 540 250 kg
ZL6FE/SA 200 cm 213 cm 85 cm 45-55 32 540 270 kg

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