Model SS

To unwind wires in rows


The Super unwinding wire is applicable to the third point of each tractor, and is easily transportable in the vineyard.
It is designed for professional workers. It has a sturdy structure and is equipped with a particular system that allows the tilting of the rotating unit both to the left and to the right. The inclination of the wire holder group allows you to unroll the wire very close to the row, keeping the tractor at a safe distance from poles and screws. It is possible to carry out different processes based on the diameter of the wire rolls, the thickness and the possibility of varying the unwinding point of the wire.Inside the wire holder group there are double spring stops with balls in five different positions along the rotation diameter. The use of the unwinding wire is extremely practical; it is sufficient to position the coil on the wire holder group by widening the special brackets and then tighten the locking wing nuts.

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Technical specifications

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Model Width Lenght Height Nr of rools Weight
SS1 120 cm 160 cm 120 cm 1 150 kg
SS2 120 cm 160 cm 140 cm 2 175 Kg.