Model SPV


The Screw wood-cutter for excavator allows to break into parts, a pre-cut piece of wood.

Use a threaded cone driven by an orbital hydraulic motor; the operation is given by the threading present on the screw that generates the axial movement needed to be cutting wood, attracting towards him the piece of wood. After the cone profile acts as a double wedge causing breakage of the workpiece.

The type of cut that applies in the excavator allows to exploit the force imparting to the screw splitting the arm of the machine making the cut faster.

The small size of the machine used to perform rapid manoeuvres cutting.
It is applicable to excavators from 20 tons up to 50 tons using the hydraulic system of the excavator itself.

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Technical specifications

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Weight of the excavator 1,5-3,5ton 1,5-3,5ton 3,5-5ton 5,5-8ton 8-14ton 3-5ton
Weight of the machine 86Kg 105Kg 150Kg 285Kg 497Kg 115Kg
Max Hydraulic Flow 60l/min. 60l/min. 60l/min. 75l/min. 200l/min. 60l/min.
Max. Oil pressure 180bar 180bar 180bar 200bar 210bar 200bar
Torque 300Nm 1520 Nm 2480Nm 6440Nm 11560Nm 1570Nm
Width 270mm 270mm 270mm 380mm 270mm 270mm
Length 360mm 360mm 360mm 460mm 360mm 360mm
Height 760mm 1010mm 1010mm 1300mm 1010mm 1010mm