Model RR


The Reversible Buck Scraper model RR can be placed of both front or rear side of the tractor and it can be used for both pushing and pulling to clear snow or earth.

It is possible to adjust the lateral inclination of the blade with respect to the tractor, through the appropriate fifth wheel.

Upon request, the reversible scraper can be equipped with slides, useful for levelling the height of the blade, if it is used for clearing snow on gravelly surfaces, while preserving the latter intact.

The piston version offers the possibility to tilt the scraper and rotate it 300 ° without getting off the tractor but simply by operating the hydraulic lever to which the piston is connected.

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Technical specifications

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Model Larghezza Lavoro Height Working Height HP tractor Min HP Max tractor Weight
RR1 150 cm 103 cm 54 cm 40 65 157 kg
RR2 180 cm 103 cm 54 cm 50 80 167 kg
RR3 200 cm 120 cm 54 cm 50 80 180 kg
RR4 225 cm 120 cm 54 cm 60 100 195 kg
RR5 250 cm 120 cm 54 cm 60 120 210 kg

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