Model RP


The Ripper has been designed for loosening up the soil during autumn.
The various models have from five to nine anchors fitted with hoe hooks with which they ensure a greater ground breaking in depth.

The anchors are all set by two bolts, one of which plays a safety function, when accidentally a jam is encountered, the machine will in any case be preserved from damage.

The ripper has a rear roll-cage that levels the ground tilled by the anchors.
On request in can be fitted with a rear piston, acting on the back roll allowing the operator to adjust the depth of penetration of the anchors.

The strength of its structure makes this ripper resistant over time, disregarding the friction found on the ground

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Technical specifications

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Model Anchors Working Width Machine Height HP Min-Max tractor
RP1 5 120 – 130 cm 53 cm 50-60
RP2 5 140 -150 cm 53 cm 60-70
RP3 7 160 – 200 cm 53 cm 70-80
RP4 9 200 – 250 cm 63 cm 80-120