Model PZ


Technical specifications

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Model PZ1 PZ2 PZ3 PZ4
IMEX 700 steel pliers YES YES YES NO
IMEX 700 steel gripper with reinforced chel NO YES YES YES
GR30 rotor with pin YES NO YES NO
Flanged rotor GR30 PF YES YES NO NO
Flanged rotor GR465 YES YES NO
Flanged rotor GR630 NO NO YES NO
Flanged rotor GR104DB NO NO NO YES
Flanged rotor GR12S NO NO NO YES
Flanged rotor GR16S NO NO NO YES
Weight 70 kg 120 kg 140 kg 260 kg
Load 800 kg 1500 kg 2500 kg 3500 kg
Weight of the excavator 15-25 qt 25-35 qt 35-50 qt 90-140 qt
Length 1000 mm 1300 mm 1500 mm 1880 mm
377 mm 450 mm 510 mm 610 mm
Height 426 mm 490 mm 590 mm 500 mm