Model BC


The BC model forklift sweeper is equipped with very sturdy large brushes, designed and built to sweep different types of materials (soil, sawdust, mud, dust, snow, cereals, straw, industrial processing residues and much more) and clean quickly large surfaces (squares, sidewalks, workshops, etc.).

It is adaptable to several types of forklift trucks that have enough oil to operate it. It is built with resistant materials that give it high strength. It connects easily and very quickly to the forks of the forklift truck and is equipped with brushes made of plastic and metal.

The machine can work inclined thanks to a rack that allows to phase shift the working angle of the machine with respect to the forklift to which it is applied.

Technical specifications

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Model Width Length Height Oil flow rate Weight
BC1 — cm cm cm cm    
BC2 140 cm 160 cm 63 cm 100 cm 20-23 l/min. 220 kg
BC3 — cm cm cm cm    
BC4 — cm cm cm cm    
BC5 — cm cm cm cm