Hydraulic Strimmer – RIT

Mechanical weeding for mowing the inter-row grass


RIT eliminates effectively and in a short time, the weeds that grow among the vines of the vineyards or fruit trees. The cut is made from 24 strands of nylon (upgradeable to 42) fixed to a cutting head that is driven by a hydraulic motor.

The machine can move horizontally due to a feeler which, upon contact with the strain of the vine or fruit tree, immediately retracts the cutting head. The operator can control the sensitivity of the feeler by acting on a piston that regulates the tension of a spring.

The cutting head works in contact with the soil and its vertical oscillation is assisted by a parallelogram, set by a damping spring, which allows to work in areas with rough terrain.

The machine can be mounted on frame made by RCM Ltd. that connect the strimmer directly to the tractor both in front or rear position and choosing the hydraulic configuration it is possible to get
the tilt of the machine as well in order to deal with all types of slope of the land.

Product documentation and catalog
Technical specifications

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Model Length Width Height Working diameter Oil flow (liters / min) Weight
RIT1sx 100 cm 95 cm 40 cm 48 cm 28-40 70 kg
RIT1dx 100 cm 95 cm 40 cm 48 cm 28-40 70 kg
RIT2sx 100 cm 95 cm 40 cm 80 cm 28-40 84 kg
RIT1dx 100 cm 95 cm 40 cm 80 cm 28-40 84 kg

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