Control Unit


This accessory is designed to allow the operator to operate different types of machines.

The control box is equipped with safety button “ride-on” which prevents the accidental operation of the controls without the consent of the operator, the emergency button, the ignition switch and the switch to start the engine.

On the control box is applied a joystick with 4 axis whose movement acts on two actuators while the three switches located on it commands as many actuators.
The “hydraulic distributor box” contains the electro-hydraulic distributor to control five different actuators.

This accessory mounted on the tractor, can be connected to different types of machines such as leaves remover machines, hydraulic strimmer, trimmers for vineyards, pole driving, etc. facilitating the user in performing the various processing.

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Technical specifications

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Model Lenght Width Height Weight
CC1 420 mm 30 mm 145 mm 45 kg
Joystick 267 mm 135 mm 315 mm